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Metal Detector For Pharmaceutical Industry

Tablet Metal Detector / Pharmaceutical Metal Detector is designed for the detection and removal of minute pieces of ferrous, non ferrous and stainless steel contamination's. Such particles enter the product (Tablets / Capsules) from deteriorating processing equipment components such as warn sieves/ splintered dies. This Metal detector removes metallic contaminants automatically and without production interruption from a stream of tablets or capsules.

Product feature
  • Automatic balance principle.
  • Manual set up of sensitivity and all other parameters through potentiometers.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • LED bar provided to display status of coils.
  • Easy changeable electronic module.
  • Stable performance throughout the life.

  • Online inspection of tablets , capsules,Caplets,Dryfruits(Cashew Nuts).

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Inspection Belt for Tablets and Capsules is specially designed for visual inspection of Metal Detector for Tablets and Capsules from all the sides. 100, 000 tablets per hour can be inspected on this new cGMP model by employing two Operators, thereby reducing inspection cost considerably.Tablet Inspection belt consist of stainless steel complete

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Gravity feed metal detector systems are designed to inspect any free flowing bulk powder or granular materials such as pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Powder, plastic Granules,cereals, flour ,Spices (whole / ground and ready to use spices ), Sugar, Rice and chemicals. Any free flowing materials may be passed through the vertical drop system. The

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The Vertical Drop Metal Detector is designed to inspect foods, powders,Rubber / Plastic granules and other loose materials transported in free-fall through Pipe. Fitted with a reject valve, the Vertical Drop Metal Detector becomes a system that detects and removes any contaminating metals. The signal provided,allows extremely high levels of

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