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Metal Detector For Food Processing Industry

Target Micro Scan Metal Detection Systems are designed to meet the strict demands of Metal Detector For Food Processing Industry,Food Processing Metal Detector,Metal Detector For Food Industry,Frozen Food, Seafood, Frozen meat, Poultry and packaged food industries monitoring for metal impurities.

Detects Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel

The whole stainless steel structure with detecting head by adopting advanced electric and mechanical
  • Designing technique which is very durable
  • Logging Capability to a Printer for HACCP and ISO 9001 Documentation
  • Fully Automatic Product Effect Compensation
  • Product Type Memory (100 Different Products Can Be Stored in Memory)
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Adjustable conveyor speed from 10m/min to 25m/min
  • Simple conveyor structure makes it convenient to disassemble and assemble
  • Fairly good waterproof ability.
  • LCD Display and very friendly user interface.
  • Phase discriminating technology that can effectively arrest the product effect.
  • Steady Performance.


Technical Specification

Detection Method Balanced Coil
Detection Ability Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Stainless Steel metal contamination's.
Detection Adjustment Sensitive, Phase Angle, Timer
Tunnel Width Depends up on the Products
Tunnel High Depends up on the Products (Custom Build)
Alarm Method Audion (Buzzer) & Visual (LED)
Belt Speed Adjustable
Power Source AC110V/220V 50-60HZ
Rated Output 140W
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Metal detectors are been used in Food Industries to detect metal contamination and provide with metal-free finished products for their customers. The Metal Detector is installed on a conveyor belt system with an ONLINE rejection unit.

When any metal contamination is passed through the metal detector unit, the same is detected and

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Metal Detector systems are designed to inspect any free flowing bulk powder or granular materials such as Dry Milk Powder,Pharmaceuticals,Tea Powder, plastic pellets,cereals, flour ,Spices (whole / ground and ready to use spices ),Sugar, Rice and chemicals. Any free flowing materials may be passed through the vertical drop system. The unit fits

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Above series of Metal Detectors are used for On line detection of Metal Contamination in Tofees / Candies / Tablets (Lozenges) / Bubble and Chewing Gums,Etc. Metal Detection Systems are must for USDA / ISO / WHO / USFDA / HACCP Certifications in India AND ABROAD for food Industry. Our Metal Detection systems are available in a variety of aperture

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Our Metal Detection systems are available in a variety of aperture sizes and conveyor lengths to accommodate fresh and frozen products Like chicken / Meat / Fish / Seafood. The Metal Detection systems are available in a different range of speeds according to the production line,conveyor lengths can range from One meter upwards providing what as

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